Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Screen Lighting

It's looking like playing the footage on the screens via lights with an animated color map is going to be our best option, as it saves us the tedium of compositing and the hard drive eating tex files of animated textures. However, there are a few issues to work out.

Mental ray renders them just fine.

Renderman, on the other hand, leaves rather distracting pixelations on surrounding surfaces.
 Same thing in Lefty's room for Mental Ray
Some of the slim shaders in Renderman, however, seem to be looking for objects which don't exist in the renderq.

// Warning: (10/22 13:44) rfm Warning: T16001 Texture "/u/renderq/cjj9640/textures/0263/pov.263.tif.tex" accessed in shader "renderq/cjj9640/leye/shaders/back_LIGHTShape_rfm" with out-of-range t width (5182827545689323933462724203249664.000000). [<Shading> Object: leye:eyeScreen_GEOShape Shader: renderq/cjj9640/leye/shaders/back_LIGHTShape_rfm] //

EDIT: Ope! Nevermind, it was just a warning and the render just took while.