Sunday, April 26, 2015

Huge Texture Fixes

Two Major issues were solved this past week.

1) All textures for each pallet were copied to one asset pallets, so that I could remove the duplicate pallets for a much cleaner project space.

2) I copied the node networks that Kelly Kin gave me from her Summer Course project, thus solving all the attachment issues arising from the coshader I'd absent-mindedly imported instead.

We've had a lot of trouble with textures breaking, and me having to fix them because the team couldn't make heads or tails of what my pallets have become. The biggest breakthrough came this last week, when I discovered that the gold texture from French Toast Mafia's 2012 Summer Course project, Berry Scary, was apparently not attaching to the surfaces because I must have imported the coshader, rather than the slim node network. This doesn't explain why it seemed to be working for a while, but whatever, I've fixed it now.

As it turns out, Kelly Kin put the pallet with ALL the metal textures from Berry Scary into my project space without explaining anything to me, under the assumption that I new jack squat about slim and TOTALLY wouldn't screw up such a simple task of applying them.

To make things easier for my team, I copied all the textures to one centralized pallet so that I could delete the duplicates, and make the overall project space much cleaner. I then opened the "shaders" pallet from Kelly's project, copied them, and again deleted the duplicate.

Voila! Much cleaner (and working)

This also allowed me to attach a variety of metals to the more mechanical assets, making them just a little more interesting.

I also added a tire texture to the top of the bcam.

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