Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Shot 150 (Hue Animation Test)

Testing animated hues on a scene where Boomer sinks from a seething rage to a defeating depression and hands the narrative emphasis over to Lefty, whose... also sad.
  The hue is adjusted by feeding the "Key only" sequence through two hueCorrect nodes, the start hue and the end hue, and animating the Mix attribute in the corresponding Merge (over) nodes. I tried "Set key on all knobs" on one hueCorrect and Merge node, but it didn't seem to do anything.

​This was actually Cassie's setup for Stage Fright, so I'm not exactly sure why she didn't just feed the depth map through the filter attribute of the ZDefocus. Applying the Zdepth sequence as a depth map to the beauty sequence via a ShuffleCopy node in nuke seems to work just fine after adjusting the focus in a ZDefocus.

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