Thursday, October 22, 2015

Shot 1: Second Pass

(Frame 1) We start with a mandala-esque top-down shot of Boomer's room.

 (F48) Crane down to get a better view of the dream machine illuminating the room.
 (F92) Continue craning until we see the screen that allows him to see the outside world.
 (F157) Settle behind the dream machine as he pulls a rope.
 (F192) Whip-pan under the stairs as he pulls a higher rope.
(F265) Whip-pan behind the projector as he freaks out.
 (F305) Settle on the eye feed as we cut to our next shot.
 Dream Light
This light provides most of our lighting, except for frames 192-220 as Boomer ascends into shadow.

 Top Light
That's what this light is for; sillhouetting Boomer so that he can be seen in frames 192-220.

 (These ones)

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